Delivers - Comprehensive Talented Team Experienced with:
* Innovative space mission architecture design formation
* Instrument, spacecraft & mission discipline expertise scaleable to your needs
* Superior management & planning support
* Timely systems engineering guidance
Service - Working with your Aerospace Team Managers to:
* Assess your objectives, scope program goals, and analyze requirements to rapidly evaluate design trade-space
* Mentor your lead engineers, peer-to-peer, to converge on solutions
* Review and guide your staff with peer/senior critique supported with alternatives
On Schedule - Gap-filling at Mission-Critical Junctures to:
* Preserve new-start program schedule margin threatened by start-up complexities & competition for lead engineer's times
* Prepare Integration teams logistically to "trap" issues & contain schedule pressure while achieving the desired results
* Meet the pace to control Launch & Commissioning
Successfully - Serving throughout the program Life-cycle...